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NiBS expansion project – NiBS Warehouse Facility

As a result of increased demand during the 2020 Lockdown and upcoming projects NiBS now require significant additional storage space for customers stocks. Our existing Warehouse is 225m2, a third of the new proposal. The existing premises reached maximum occupation during 2020, primarily caused by the Covid-19 ‘lockdown’. NiBS are still finding that this situation has not eased. Brexit issues have now replaced the ‘lockdown’ requirement for customer stock holding. More goods are now being brought into the UK in bulk rather than on demand. These goods then need to be stored until required.

The development site on which the new Warehouse will be located, adjacent NiBS, has been vacant for a considerable time. NIBS have now taken the opportunity to purchase and develop this site. To consider Warehousing elsewhere which would incur additional transport and handling costs. This new warehouse will hopefully create new jobs for both engineering and laboratory test staff, as well as additional administration support staff.

The new building will allow NiBS a better, more robust storage solution with greater storage capacity providing improved customer confidence. Our existing buildings will be reconfigured to reflect the changes in demand from existing and future market requirements.

The Pre-delivery Discharge Testing and Freshen Charging requirements are continuing to increase. NiBS will expand the Testhouse into the existing Warehouse to increase testing capacity. This allows NiBS to utilise more the NiBS Energy Recovery System (ERS), thereby providing Carbon Neutral Testing for more customers.

A laboratory is being incorporated into the new Warehouse. This will be used for independent product evaluation and certified testing of customer and manufacturers products. We currently have contracts with the major manufacturers and the Department of Product Safety (BEIS) for this type of work. Both would like NiBS to be certified to ISO17025 for this work. The laboratory being separate from the NiBS day-to-day operations will ensure consistent quality control.

Site works planned completion is by the end of 2021. NiBS hope to have the Warehouse fitted out and functional early 2022.