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Battery Installation

Northern Industrial Battery Services Ltd has extensive experience of installing a wide variety of battery types and technologies in industrial applications. Our team of qualified, and experienced, service engineers can install all possible variants in terms of operating voltage, technology (Planté, Tubular, Valve Regulated, Ni Cd, Lithium etc), application, location or size ( 12V 0.5 Ah to 2V 4000 Ah (and above)). Over 30 years of practical, field-based experience, allows us to look pragmatically at complicated site installations and come up with safe, workable solutions to ensure continued site resilience. Our installation service is backed up by our close, yet fully independent, ties with many of the leading industrial battery manufacturers allowing us to select the most appropriate product for its given application.

Battery Inspection

Northern Industrial Battery Services Ltd carry out a comprehensive range of onsite battery inspection services including:

  • Battery condition
  • Voltage measurement (Float, Open Circuit - Voltage, AC Ripple etc)
  • Resistance measurement (impedance/conductance)
  • Specific Gravity
  • Floor resistance measurement
  • Battery room compliance checks

Where possible, all inspections are carried out with the battery “online” to ensure that critical systems are not taken out of service unnecessarily. All inspections are supported by a comprehensive report which ensures all readings, and recommendations, are available to ensure continued system resilience.

Battery and Charger Maintenance

To compliment our inspection services Northern Industrial Battery Services Ltd offer a variety of routine maintenance plans for both batteries and charger systems. These can be tailored to suit both customer requirements, insurer requirements, best practice guidance as well as operating conditions and the applicable battery or charger technology deployed. Standard maintenance offerings include:

  • Topping up flooded cells
  • Defect rectification including cell replacement, removing corrosion, replacing battery links etc
  • Repairing or replacing stand components
  • Replacing capacitors, filters etc
NiBS Safe Contractor

Discharge Testing

Discharge testing is the most effective means of establishing the capacity of a battery system and gives the best understanding of whether the battery is “fit for purpose” and can provide the required functionality in service. Northern Industrial Battery Services Ltd has extensive experience of carrying out site based discharge testing and this is supported by a comprehensive range of company owned load banks.

Discharge testing is carried out (wherever possible) in compliance with applicable best practice guidance.

Discharge test options include:

  • Constant current (15 min – 10 hour rates)
  • Constant power (5 min – 2 hour rates)
  • Bespoke testing (customer defined criteria)

Decommissioning and Disposal

Northern Industrial Battery Services Ltd can offer a full decommissioning and disposal service for batteries, chargers, and associated equipment (stands, cabling etc). NiBS work extensively with some of the top recycling companies to ensure that all waste is treated in a responsible and legally compliant manner.

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