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Our Services

Northern Industrial Battery Services Ltd provide a comprehensive range of services including product supply, in-house testing, site services and energy storage.

Product Supply

NiBS can supply batteries, Uninterruptible Power Supplies and chargers from a wide variety of manufacturers. Our significant technical knowledge and over 30 years of experience ensures that the correct product is selected to suit its intended application.

In-House Testing

NiBS have significant experience and capability to carry out a range of in-house testing options. Our technical expertise allows us to guide our customers through the options including: constant power testing, constant current testing, load profile testing, starter battery testing etc. NiBS are able to provide in house destructive examination of cells/blocs to support product evaluation and approval, manufacturing defect identification and failure investigation analysis.

Site Services

NiBS can offer a variety of site services to support the full life cycle of the battery system. Our experienced team of field service engineers carries out installation, commissioning, discharge testing, inspection and maintenance as well as decommissioning and disposal.

Energy Storage

NiBS offer a variety of products and services to meet the needs of users requiring energy storage solutions. This includes applications for renewables, hybrid deployment for grid stabilisation, grid and power quality for peak shaving or back up power for own consumption.